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Let ECOSERV do the dirty work so you can enjoy your home year round.

ECOSERV is currently serving the Salt Lake, West Jordan, Draper, Riverton, Lehi, Saratogo Springs, Highland, Alpine, Pleasant Grove, Orem,  and Lindon areas.  Not in your area?  No problem.  Give us a call at 801-688-8876 and we'll be happy to help.

Caring for your Pest Control, Aeration, Lawn Care, Gutter Cleaning, and all your Maintenance Needs.

At Ecoserv we provide services that make a difference for you and  your home.  Try our Pest Control or any other service today and let ECOSERV show you what professionalism is all about.


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At ECOSERV we provide services that make a difference for you. Look over our services and select what's right for you.


Pest Control

Exceptional Pest Control Service

  • Rats & Mice are unwanted creatures that can cause an unhealthy environment and property damage.

  • Spiders & Black Widows are in full bloom.  Not only are they scary, they can be deadly as well.

  • Pet & Kid Friendly products are used to keep your loved ones safe.  ECOSERV only uses the finest of products. 


Lawn Care

Advanced Lawn Care Service

  • Weeds & Crab Grass are of the past when you use ECOSERV Lawn Care.  We keep your lawn green so you don't have to.

  • Fertilizer is food for your grass.  We use the correct fertilizer based on the time of year to keep your grass looking good.

  • Finishing Touches is what ECOSERV is all about.  Your lawn will be looking sharp and ready for the weekend BBQ.


Lawn Aeration

Leading-Edge Lawn Aeration

  • Breath Baby Breath!  Your grass could be suffocating and you don't even know it.  Let ECOSERV put life back in to your lawn.

  • Back Breaking Pain is usually the first thought of doing this by yourself.  Let ECOSERV take that pain away from you.

  • Healthier Lawn is just around the corner with our Lawn Aeration service.


Window Washing

Sparkling Window Washing Service

  • Got Spots?  Let ECOSERV get rid of those spots and make your windows sparkly clean again.

  • 2nd or 3rd Story Windows?  Cleaning your own windows can be hard work and dangerous.  Let ECOSERV do it for you.

  • Clean Windows can make your home seem brand new again.  Enjoy your view through crystal clear glass today!


Gutter Cleaning

Superior Gutter Cleaning Service

  • Water Flow Problems?  Gutters can get clogged from near by trees and shrubs, which can lead to backup and water damage.  ECOSERV has you covered.

  • Cleaning Gutters is Dirty Work!  No one likes cleaning dirty gutters, except ECOSERV!

  • Clean Gutters can flow efficiently during rain storms and remove the water without causing water damage.

Why People Like You Choose ECOSERV Over The Competition

When you use ECOSERV you can see and feel the difference.


    We treat and value our customers as family.  Above all, ECOSERV cherishes relationships and runs on return residual and loyal customers.


    At ECOSERV, the attention to detail we provide in each service is unmatched.  Each service specialist is effectively trained to notice and see what can only come from necessary guidance, instruction, and experience.  We take our time and don’t rush through the service.  If a second or third walk through is necessary, we take drastic measures to ensure the job is done right the first time, every time.


    From the initial over-the-phone conversation, on site bid, scheduling, service arrival and job completion, thorough communication is of upmost importance to us in knowing and satisfying each customer’s needs.  Need to get a hold of us?  Tired of being sent to a long-automated voice processing system?  Call or text us any day, at any time, and we will respond promptly.


    Our main priority is to satisfy the demands of each individual customer.  We understand that each customer’s home varies in its own unique way, so we adjust and adapt our service to fit each customer’s needs.


    At the end of our service, all that matters is the bottom line result.  We want to know that your hard-earned money is going towards a service that is proven in the industry to be the best.  Our unique process, training, and experience produce results no other company can replicate.  We will talk around with post treatment or service making sure the results coincide with your expectations, requests, and needs.


    Our #1 priority is customer satisfaction.  The customer experience working with ECOSERV will be unparalleled.  Satisfying each individual demand or need is our top priority.  Thorough communication is standard in our approach to keeping customers informed throughout the service.  Our attention to detail will produce top quality results and guaranteed customer satisfaction or we will come back out to your home, free of charge.

ECOSERV Customers

See what our loyal customers have to say about ECOSERV.

At ECOSERV I feel like family.  I can always depend on them doing a quality job.  They’re a company I can and do trust.  I highly recommend ECOSERV, they will treat you like family.

Richard Terry


I’m proud to say we are lifetime customers of ECOSERV window and pest control services.

Mike Bozzuto

Bozzuto & Company Insurance Services

In the past we’ve used different companies for pest control and lawn services; frankly they haven’t lived up to our expectations.   But, with ECOSERV they live up to those expectations and even surpassed them.

Metcalf Family


I decided to give them a try.  I chose to test their work and I’ve been beyond impressed with their service.  They are great young men; good communicators and they go above and beyond.

Karen Hales



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Locally Owned Serving the Great Salt Lake City & Utah County Areas

ECOSERV was founded by Greg Bartlett after having 10 years of experience in Pest Control, Lawn care, Window Washing and Gutter Cleaning He has worked for over 6 companies in the industry as a lead service manager, technician, sales rep, operations, inbound and outbound sales, customer retention and customer service.

Greg has serviced over 10,000 homes in his career, and gained the necessary training, knowledge, skill set, experience, and credibility needed to start his own company. He noticed what the industry lacked and needed, and in hopes of changing things for the better, he established ECOSERV. The company originated in Sacramento, California in 2014, re-branded, and expanded to the greater Salt Lake Region in 2017.



ECOSERV was founded on 4 vital principles that every company Greg worked for lacked. In order to  understand how ECOSERV became one of the most referred and trusted companies, one  must understand why.

  • Customer Relations

    Greg noticed while working with various other companies in the industry, that customers were just a number with a price tag.  Greg committed to establishing real relationships and friendships that go beyond just a service

  • Customer Satisfaction

    You will think that most company’s main priority would be customer satisfaction, right?  Thank again.  Since “most” companies have an absence of customer relations, satisfying customer needs, and lack attention to detail. Then why would customer satisfaction be a main priority?  Greg’s commitment to a top-quality service and customer satisfaction is “why” ECOSERV was created.  To fix a broken industry that lacked business principles was the motivation behind ECOSERV.

  • Attention to Detail

    How can a company have enough time for the details of a job when there are 10-20 jobs in their service route in one day?  Greg found that detail lacked in other companies because there were too many jobs on a service specialist day, with not enough time.  Again, the customer was just a number, therefore the quality of the service was compromised.

  • Satisfying Customer Needs

    Most companies have too many customers to deal with, and lack care for each individual need of the customer.  Greg saw the overwhelming load and lack of care as a problem that not only need to be addressed, but fixed.  Greg committed to address, adjust, and adapt each service to cater to each want and desire of the customer.

Greg truly cares about his customers beyond the service.  He truly loves what he does.  That love and passion is passed onto each and every employee, and to every individual customer that belongs to the ECOSERV family.  It is bigger than just mitigating bug activity, treating a lawn, cleaning windows and/or gutters at ECOSERV. 


At the end of the day, we are truly committed to making a difference in the community beyond the services we provide.  WE have adopted “making a difference” as our business motto because we believe that encapsulates our ideals and beliefs as a company.


I'm Greg,


I want to personally make sure your questions are answered.  Just click the button below and fill out the form or give us a call at 801-688-8876 today and I’ll make sure you are taken care of.

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